Bought A Farm And Planning Your First Vegetable Garden? 2 Ways To Ensure You Get Healthy Plants


If you have purchased a farm and want to add a vegetable garden, this will allow you to can vegetables, such as green beans, to be used over the winter months. Tomatoes can be used for many things, such as for canning tomato juice and making delicious salsa. You can also sell your vegetables at farmer's markets in your area. No matter what you are using your vegetables for, you need to ensure you keep your plants healthy, so they will produce good results for you. Below are two ways you can do this.

Cultivate Soil

If the soil is already in place, you should have it cultivated. This means removing weeds from the soil and then turning the soil to loosen it up. Soil turns crusty after it has sat over the winter months. If it is hard and crusty in areas, it will be hard for nutrients, water, and air to get into the soil and down to the roots of your vegetables. Air is important because it provides worms and microorganisms with what they need to be healthy. This is beneficial as worms and microorganisms improve the nutrients for your plants and aerate the soil.

Because this is a new garden, cultivating also makes it easier for you to germinate seeds, so they will start sprouting.  

Fortunately, you can cultivate the soil on your own. If it is not large, you can use a shovel to loosen the soil approximately two to three inches deep. Do not go deeper than this or the soil will dry out too fast. You can use a tiller to do this if your vegetable garden is large.

Fertilize the Soil

Your soil should be fertilized to help your plants stay healthy and grow strong. There are inorganic fertilizers and organic fertilizers. Inorganic fertilizers can be purchased at any garden center, and the fertilizer is made in a factory. You will also hear inorganic fertilizer called chemical or synthetic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers on the other hand use no synthetics or chemicals. Instead, this type of fertilizer uses decomposed material to feed your plants. You will also see bagged fertilizers at garden centers that are labeled as being organic. You can order the fertilizer online if you have problems finding it.

Another type of organic fertilizer for farming is known as compost. You can make this type of fertilizer at home if you prefer, which is known as composting. Compost feeds the soil instead of the plants. You can purchase it at garden centers also. The compost that you purchase is made of things like a fish meal, manure, mulch, peat, humus, and blood meal.

Talk with an employee at the garden center about your vegetable garden, and they can answer other questions you may have.


7 August 2017

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