What to Look for When Choosing Healthy Prepackaged Feed for Your Cattle


Whether due to weather or a lack of vegetation, if you have to feed your cattle prepackaged feed at any time throughout the year, you have a responsibility to make sure it's healthy enough to provide the same benefits a pasture-based diet offers. Here is what to look for when purchasing prepackaged cattle feed to ensure it's a healthy choice. A Varied Mixture of Hay Types It's important to make sure that the cattle feed you purchase isn't made up of just one type of hay, if possible.

16 April 2018

Protect Your Farm Machinery And Barns With A Fire Suppression System


Running a farm is a huge responsibility and financial risk. Because a fire could completely destroy your livelihood, fire prevention and firefighting methods are critical to protecting your crops, animals, machinery, and even the lives of your farmhands. You'll want to stock your barns and machinery with fire extinguishers and use fire-resistant materials when possible. Installing a fire suppression system is also a good idea since it may take firefighters a long time to respond to a fire at your remote farm.

3 November 2017

Bought A Farm And Planning Your First Vegetable Garden? 2 Ways To Ensure You Get Healthy Plants


If you have purchased a farm and want to add a vegetable garden, this will allow you to can vegetables, such as green beans, to be used over the winter months. Tomatoes can be used for many things, such as for canning tomato juice and making delicious salsa. You can also sell your vegetables at farmer's markets in your area. No matter what you are using your vegetables for, you need to ensure you keep your plants healthy, so they will produce good results for you.

7 August 2017

What Does Hard Water Do to Your Plumbing?


Hard water can create hassles and maintenance problems in a variety of ways. Knowing how hard water can affect your pipes, how to identify hard water problems in your home and how to protect your pipes can help you maintain your home. These frequently asked questions and answers will tell you some of the things you need to know about hard water. What does hard water do to your pipes?

8 April 2016

Want To Restore An Old Early 20th Century Home? The Wood Is The Most Important


Have you recently purchased an old home? Do you want to restore it to its former glory while incorporating some modern features and touches? If so, restoring the wood throughout the house will be one of the most important things to do. You will have to contact a custom woodworking and restoration professional to take a look at the wood and give you a blueprint of ideas and an estimate of the cost.

5 February 2016